Vietnam has ample opportunities for fruit and vegetable export to Germany

Vietnam was the 18th largest exporter of fruit and vegetables to Germany from outside the EU bloc, hitting 9.5 million USD in the first quarter of 2024, up 16.1% year on year, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Meanwhile, Eurostat data showed that German imports of fruit and vegetables from outside the EU reached 1.1 billion USD during the period, up 5.1% from a year ago.

Germany is currently not a major market for Vietnamese agricultural produce, but it holds a great deal of potential, especially with the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement already taking effect.


In Europe, Germany is one of the largest markets for imported agricultural produce thanks to its advanced economy and diversity in consumers’ tastes.

However, Germany has some of the strictest requirements within Europe. Therefore, in order to increase fruit and vegetable exports to this market, Vietnamese exporters must meet the specific requirements for each product.

Vietnamese enterprises are also advised to attend international trade fairs in Germany to advertise their products and seek out partners.